We have discussed the importance of using videos and the benefits it can bring to the business in one of our earlier articles.


In this article, we will explain the ways you can use videos to increase your visit bookings for your residential project. 


1. Interior film

How many of your prospects have television screens more than 50 inches at their home? Roughly more than 50% and these numbers will keep going up!


Make a beautiful video showcasing the property in 4K resolution explaining the features with voiceover and clear explanations of the property specifications.


2. Property Geographical video

In this video, explain the benefit of the location of the property, if it is a residential property explain the nearby hospitals, educational institutions, public transport system availability, religious facilities, parks, etc.—all that is external about the apartment.


Explain all that so that the customer doesn’t have to dig for information anywhere else. This is how you build trust easily.


3. Talk about the investment

In this video, explain the investment benefits, loan options, and other financial facilities available.


Also, the ROI and other return options if any completely. So much so that the customer gets all the necessary information from you. Isn’t this a better way to earn the trust of your customer?


4. Common facilities

In this video, explain all about the common amenities in the development like a gas supply line, swimming pool, clubhouses, drainage connections, fire hydrants, common area energy consumption plan, common area management, stormwater drainage facilities, lightning arrestor, sewerage connection facilities and all that which are common facilities to each resident in the project.


In simple terms, explain all the facilities, which are outside the apartment but inside the project premises.


5. Interior films V2.0

If you have multiple types of apartments,  each type of apartment needs to be shot and explained well. Like, 2 BHKs, 3 BHKs, Penthouses – all sellable properties need to be explained well.


6. Testimonial videos

Apart from the above videos, making testimonial videos from the existing client base is a secret weapon that will help build the brand.


Above are just a few types of videos you can make at the property level. There are more videos that can be made to build your brand so that the sales process becomes easier. 

Video making is only a part, distributing and pushing it all together in a different part. 
How about an agency doing all the above? We at “Studio Navans” take care of drafting a video Marketing plan for you, we make those videos, we also distribute it on appropriate platforms consistently.

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