What is light without shadows? Shadows naturally play a trick on us.


There is a belief that photography is all about lighting. Yes. Photography is about lights and not just that. It is about the efficient use of lighting. Lights in any space come with shadows, that add up to the drama of the scene. The power of shadows is no less in portrait photography. A genius wrote once, “Shadows create emotions” and the phrase is highly relatable. Without the shadows created by the curve of your nose or the crevices of your forehead, a face will end up looking plastic and unreal in photography. People call it as flat.

Professional Portrait of Mrs.Vinay

Always an image with deep contrast and shadows can look more real and natural than a brightly lit photography. Although shadows are mostly used in terms of low key photographs, they are the primary factor in any style of photography, under any lighting, especially on portraits.


With a human or anything living the frame than an inanimate object, photography is expected to be earthly, relatable, and evoking emotions. Retaining the shadows in your photography gives you a natural contrast and depth, evoking emotions towards the piece of art. Ensuring that we have shadows in the photographs will help in having a pleasing and more natural look in any type of lighting.


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